6 Tactics To Lose Weight Safely And The Ideal Number Of Pounds To Drop Each Week

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Do you know how you can lose 20 pounds in only 30 days? I bet you’ve read something similar a hundred times before, and the sad thing is most people fall for it. They don’t expect instant gratification in other areas of their life, yet when it comes to weight loss they think it’s possible to become an underwear model in a matter of weeks.

Not only will losing weight quickly drain you mentally and physically, but it could lead to health problems including eating disorders. If you do lose a lot of weight on the latest fad diet it’s going to be from water as opposed to fat, and it will come back with a vengeance. Here are some of the ways you can change your lifestyle to lose weight the healthy way. Of course one of the most important thing is to start eating healthier.

Stick To A Couple Of Pounds Per Week

Unless you’re more than a little overweight, losing between 1-2 pounds per week is generally considered a job well done. It might not be as quick as you want, but you’ll end up losing a lot of weight within months. If you don’t know anything about counting calories, you only need a fairly decent set of scales to get started.

Weigh yourself once per week as soon as you’ve woken up, and don’t be alarmed if the number doesn’t drop every week because it can stall for a number of perfectly good reasons. If you haven’t seen any progress for 3-4 weeks straight you can be a bit more aggressive with the tactics we’re going to speak about next, but remember anything more than 2 pounds per week isn’t great.

Start Eating More Protein And Fats

This doesn’t mean you should exclude carbohydrates from your diet. Once you start eating less carbs you’ll begin to lose water weight, but it’s not the reason why we’re suggesting you lower the amount you eat. A diet higher in protein and fats will be more satiating, so you’ll not find yourself reaching for snacks in between meals. Surely you’ve eaten bread before and felt hungry again within an hour, so you’ll understand this perfectly.

Eat The Majority Of Your Carbs At Night

Everyone has got it the wrong way round, but let’s discuss why it happened in the first place. Some genius decided you shouldn’t eat late at night, which has now thankfully been debunked. They said if you ate carbs at night your metabolism would stop when you went to bed and they would turn to fat, but your metabolism will keep burning food whether you’re asleep or awake. The reason to eat them at night is because they release sleep hormones, so you’ll feel more alert during the day.

Increase Your Activity Levels

Part of the reason why counting calories is a fruitless task is because of the energy you burn through moving around. In other words, it’s easy to track how much you eat and the calories you burn exercising, but because you’ll never know the exact calories you burn your daily limit will never be accurate. It’s still crucial to move around more in general, because even if you can’t track it you’ll be able to eat more food while losing the same amount of weight, which leads to a happy life full of enjoyable meals.

6 Tactics To Lose Weight Safely And The Ideal Number Of Pounds To Drop Each Week

Visit The Gym A Few Times Per Week

Going to the gym will help you burn calories, but there are so many more benefits you’ve maybe never considered. When you feel energised and you’re bouncing around after a session, you’re a lot less likely to reach for a cake or chocolate bar. Going to the gym will also help your muscles appear more defined when you do lose weight, so you’ll look much better. Dropping the pounds without working out will result in the skinny-fat look.

Extra Water And Vegetables In Your Diet

What happens when you eat a bowl of homemade vegetable soup? The hot water and vegetables will sit in your stomach and you’ll feel full for hours. It will hardly contain any calories too, so it’s a good way to snack when you’re feeling hungry. Although plain water isn’t as tasty, it won’t contain any calories and will do the same thing. Even adding more solid vegetables to your meals will work. Both of them will also improve your health in their own special way.

Try Not To Skip Any Meals (Especially Breakfast)

You shouldn’t really eat too much for breakfast, because it means you’ll have less food you will be able to eat later in the day. We talked about a daily calorie limit being impossible to predict, but there is no denying it does exist. Just don’t try to skip any meals because it is the opposite of having a healthy relationship with food. As long as you understand you don’t need to stuff your face at breakfast (or any other meal), when you eat something you’re less likely to feel fatigued.

Start Losing Weight The Healthy Way Now

There are lots of other tactics you can use like reducing your portion sizes, cutting out caloric liquids, sticking to non-processed foods, and a number of other things. To be honest you can incorporate any of the tactics we’ve discussed here today and you’ll see results, and as long as you make sure you’re not dropping weight too quickly you won’t hurt your health or put it all back on. Nothing we’ve talked about is hard to implement, so you should put them into action straight away.