Body Invasion: 5 Toxins That Affect Our Health

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We get up in the morning, get dressed, jump in the car to drive to work or school, and do not give one thought to what we are breathing, drinking, or eating on a daily basis. Things that we cannot see or smell are easily overlooked and often unthought-of.

Body Invasion: 5 Toxins That Affect Our Health

However, individuals today are becoming increasingly fatigued, depressed, obese, anxious, and are regular patients at the family practitioner’s office. What is a contributing factor to this unhealthy lifestyle? A possible answer to this question is toxins. Toxins in our food and environment can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. These conditions cause more than 85% of deaths in America today.

The five toxins that negatively affect our health and vitality include indoor pollution, mold, pesticides, secondhand smoke, toxins in our water, and food additives and flavorings. Each of these toxins uninvitingly invades our bodies either through digestion or breathing, twenty four hours a day. Here we will take a look at these five distinct toxins.

Indoor Pollution

When we think of pollution, we often think of outdoor pollution, smoke that fills the air, dust and particles that we breathe in when we take a walk or enjoy the outdoors. However, pollution can also be inside closed spaces, such as office buildings, homes, schools and colleges, restaurants etc. We spend up to 90% of our days inside these structures. Toxins, bacteria, and germs are contained inside these spaces and are recirculated through the air through the ventilation system. These toxins are trapped inside, unable to escape and can lead to sickness and disease among the inhabitants.


Mold grows and finds its haven in areas that are damp. Often homes are the breeding grounds for mold such as in a bathroom. Mold also causes dust mites which lead to allergy conditions are the most common airborne allergy. Mold can also be found in the air conditioning and heating systems in buildings and in homes.


Pesticides can be found everywhere and in almost anything. Items such as mattresses, disposable diapers, shampoos, carpet, and air fresheners contain pesticides. Most common pesticides today are organophosphates. These pesticides are ingested, seep through the skin, or are breathed into the lungs. Our bodies were designed to eliminate these dangerous toxins, but with the increase in these pesticides, our bodies began to build up these poisonous toxins.

Secondhand Smoke

Smoke from a burning cigarette contains more gasses than what the smoker takes in when smoking it. Toxic gasses, up to four thousand, fill cigarette smoke. These are then breathed into the lungs and fill our arteries and nervous system. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and negatively affects the nervous system.

Toxins in Water

Toxins found in landfills and waste sites seep into our water system and contaminate our water supply. Rainstorms wash these toxins into our larger bodies of water and eventually, these poisonous substances invade the water that we drink on a daily basis.

Food Additives and Flavorings

Food additives are added to our foods for added color, flavor, and to make the food last longer. However, these additives are derived from chemicals. Some chemicals are derived from petroleum and tar products. Additives include bleaching agents, preservatives, texturizers, and other chemicals that promote long lasting flavor, color, and life to our foods.

These toxins are like little pests that choose to reside inside our bodies, bringing havoc and disease with them. Even though we are in contact with toxins daily, the good news is that we can cleanse our bodies from these nasty invaders.

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