Old Abortion Politics In The New Health Care Reform Bill

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Once again our government and the officials voted in to serve us, We The People, have failed miserably once again.

Their latest failure is in the health care reform bill, which is missing the reform. Not only does the new health care reform legislation being passed by congress exclude a universal health option, which is overwhelmingly requested by us voters; our government is now trying to pass some right wing agenda to abolish abortions.

The republican party, those who claim they want smaller government that does not intrude in your personal life, have included an amendment to restrict abortion for anyone receiving government insurance. I’m glad the party for small government not involved in your personal life wants to mandate free women’s choices here in America.

Not only is this unconstitutional since having abortions is legal here in America, it totally exposes these phony pulpits and their divisive strategies to get America’s attention off the real issues – affordable health care for everyone.

Old Abortion Politics In The New Health Care Reform Bill

What is known as the Stupak Amendment in the House version of the health care bill would restrict abortions except in the case of rape. Thankfully this disgusting attempt to control our lives was defeated in the Senate this past week, and will not be included in the health care reform, as of now.

I can’t even believe this was part of the equation, We The People, have voiced our opinion we want Universal Health care where government is the only payer, but yet this new health care reform bill is anything but that.

In actuality it’s a huge gift to the insurance industry by forcing people to now have to pay for unaffordable health insurance while doing very little to control the prices or the way we as a Nation look at health care.

If your child’s schooling costs increased twice as fast as wages for the past ten years like health insurance costs have our entire country would be in crisis, the same crisis we find ourselves in with health care; where only the wealthy can afford to be taken care of. America is now a morally voided country where only money matters and We The People are only important if we have financial wealth.

Even though the abortion amendment did not pass this weekend, I have a sickening feeling it will creep its way into the final legislation before too long. The argument is that tax money shouldn’t be used to end the life of an innocent gob of goo, I wonder if these holy-rollers in congress feel the same about collateral damage in the two wars we are waging.

How many innocent fully formed living human beings have been murdered by our government with said tax dollars? The gull of these so called public officials should be an alarm to vote every one of them that voted for this anti-abortion amendment out of office in 2010.

Hopefully the laws of our land will not be twisted and side tracked through right or left wing agendas stuck in the middle of crucial legislation. Since this health care reform is anything but crucial I kinda hope the anti-abortion does pass so those of us not yet aware that our government isn’t listening to us will get as pissed off as I am and start arming their vote next election.