The Summertime Male Grooming Guide

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With a few notable exceptions, in this day and age hair just isn’t that welcome on the human body anymore. Especially during summertime, when people rush to the beach in scanty swimwear, all the little flaws of the body become considerably more noticeable. Unlike women, however, who usually undergo numerous self-grooming procedures before they even leave the house, men get off comparatively easy. Still, that doesn’t mean that members of the latter group should completely disregard the tips and tricks of summertime grooming, especially as it relates to hair. With that in mind, here’s how to prepare every part of your body for the trials of the warm season:

The Summertime Male Grooming Guide

  1. The face

Since they usually capture people’s attention the most, your head and face shouldn’t be neglected during summertime. The rising temperature outside means that you should definitely opt for a shorter haircut, maybe even a clean buzz cut look that you can maintain by yourself. Also, be sure to trim your nose hair and pluck your eyebrows every two weeks or so for a cleaner overall look. As far as other facial hair is concerned, go with what suits you best, but remember that heavy moustaches and beards will not come in handy during those sweltering summer months.

  1. The chest

Long-considered to be one of the manliest attributes that a guy can posses, a hairy chest shouldn’t be subjected to the blades of a razor unless it’s clearly overgrown. In that case, a nice dry trim can work wonders. You can even go down to the line of your swimsuit, in order to ensure a relatively consistent look across the board. The goal here is to have chest hair that’s a little longer than half an inch, which will make you appear scruffy without veering into sloppiness. Once you’re done, don’t forget to hydrate your chest with some body lotion in order to prevent redness and irritation from settling in.

  1. The backside

The connection between hirsuteness and attraction depends a lot on taste and personal preference, but at least when it comes to the dreaded back hair, experts all agree that it should go the way of the dodo. But removing back hair is easier said than done. For starters, you’ll need a handheld mirror to see what you’re doing, and things will be complicated by the fact that you’ll only get to see your movements in reverse. That’s why, when it comes to difficult-to-reach areas, it’s always best to opt for the service of a grooming professional.

  1. The arms and legs

Shaving your limbs is still quite controversial, since many women aren’t accustomed to seeing men with hairless legs or arms. For that reason, it’s good to apply the same reasoning you employed with chest hair: no waxing allowed, and only resort to trimming once overgrowth starts being a problem. The only exception to this rule? Your armpits, where some extremely bushy hair can make you look silly when wearing a sleeveless vest or going shirtless. Otherwise let your arm and leg hair grow naturally, the way it has done for millennia.

  1. The nether regions

Finally, we’ve reached perhaps the most sensitive zone in the entire body. As a rule of thumb, when grooming in and around your genital area you should first wear your smallest swimsuit, so you can best see from where unwanted hair keeps popping out. Then, it’s all a matter of choice. Lately, male Brazilian waxes have become all the rage, since they allow for the quick and easy removal of all hair from this most delicate of regions. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of getting a full Brazilian, there are various Half Brazilian waxes to consider that still leave out some of the hair. In such cases, however, going to a professional is a must, since only a licensed therapist can provide top-notch quality service that’s low on pain and high on quality.

That concludes our male grooming guide for the current summer season. Of course, your personal taste, as well as your local culture and customs will all have a say in how you present yourself to the world, so be sure to adapt our advice to your particular situation. And don’t forget to consult with your partner and friends as well, since they’ll be the ones who interact with you most of all. But keep in mind that, when it comes to grooming, an elegant man always knows how to take care of his body first and foremost.